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What is a copywriter and why do you need one?

What is a copywriter?

You’ve probably heard of copywriters and have a vague idea of what they do – I mean, we obviously write copy. But what sort of copy do we write and why on earth do you need us? And most importantly of all – what can a copywriter do for you and your business?

So let's state the obvious - every business on the planet needs to promote itself and inform potential customers of what it offers. In a nutshell, copywriting is the art of writing with the intention of selling either a product or service. So let's delve in a little deeper and find out what a copywriter can actually do for you.

Can’t I just write my own copy?

You could spend hours labouring over a laptop writing your own sales copy and if that’s what you want to do – more power to you! Many businesses write their own copy or have their own inhouse copywriters.

However, writing copy for your business can take a lot of valuable time from the day to day running of your business. I know many business owners find the process quite stressful and time consuming. An experienced copywriter can take this work off your hands and quickly engage with your target audience through carefully crafted words.

Copywriting connects potential customers with a product or service and illustrates how it will benefit them and enrich their lives. Copywriters know how to reach the right audience for your business and use various forms of writing to convey your preferred call to action. This might be through a blog post, a sales letter, an email sequence, or the pages on your website.

What does a copywriter actually do?

In whichever form it takes, the key to good copywriting is storytelling, using emotional resonance to connect with the reader. When people feel connected to your product, they are more likely to buy it. Copywriters know and understand your target audience and write in a way that addresses their concerns, ‘pain points’ and aspirations. Understanding this is the key to writing great sales copy.

It is also important for the copywriter to understand the voice and tone that a business wants to convey. Then, using all these elements together, we write using carefully chosen words to keep the copy sharp, punchy, and relevant. The enemy of copywriting is waffle and good writers will try to convey a key message in as few words as possible.

I don’t really like salesy stuff – is copywriting right for my business?

The term ‘sales copy’ may conjure up images of sleazy salespeople and underhanded tactics. In reality, these outdated approaches do not work. Good copywriting is a craft, and if it is done well can drive traffic to your website, increase conversions and increase your revenue. But not only this, we are connecting customers with products or services that they actually want and that will be of benefit to them. It’s a win-win situation!

So what next?

Finding a good copywriter is key and the great thing about this profession is that a lot of copywriters work as freelancers (such as yours truly) so you are not under any obligation to employ someone long term. You can also find someone who is the right fit for your business, project and your budget. This is great news for businesses both small and large.

Personally, when I write for a client, we work together to agree on the tone and message of the copy. I will ask several questions to really understand what it is you are promoting and to understand the brand as a whole. I want the best outcome for you to allow you to do what you do best – run a successful business!

Any questions? Send me a message on the contact page.

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