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As a child I loved to read and could often be found curled up with an adventure book.  I had an honorary membership of The Secret Seven, solved mysteries with The Famous Five, hunted pheasants with Danny, and sailed on board the Hispaniola with Jim.

My mum took me to the library every week, something I am eternally grateful to her for. Libraries are magical places.

Then I started writing stories on an enormous old industrial typewriter. I would tell anyone who asked that I wanted to be ‘a writer’ when I grew up. It took me around 30 years to figure out exactly what kind.

In the meantime, I travelled the world – I picked apples in New Zealand, packed grapes in Australia, taught English in Vietnam and lay around in hammocks in Thailand. I felt the thrill and rush of working for high-profile publishing companies in London - with stressful deadlines and great parties as compensation.

At 30 it was time to get serious and settle down and so I trained as a teacher. It was gruelling to say the least, and it took a lot out of me. I was exhausted and with a husband and child now in tow, I didn’t fancy the relentless working hours and mental exhaustion.

My favourite part of the PGCE was writing essays. I wished I could do research and write for a living, but also be creative at the same time. I loved working with children, and I was really interested in child development and pedagogy.

How on earth could all these elements come together?

Then it hit me.

Well, actually my husband just said on the sofa one night "why don’t you train as a copywriter?"

"A what....?"

Ping! 💡

Long story short, I did.

And here I am. Ten years of teaching experience, five years of parenting experience (or survival as it might be more accurately described), and an awful lot of life experience, all tied up together in my business – Suzy Barrett Copywriting.

I am passionate about reaching all children - to help them love amazing books, to learn skills, access a good education and start life the right way.

I want to support teachers, so they can actually teach and not be swamped with data and bureaucracy.

I want to help parents follow their instincts, and not to crumble under the relentless pressure that parenting brings.

I know that your business has the same values. And that you have created amazing products with these ideals in mind. 

I'd love to hear all about your business, and see how I can help. 

About Me: About Me
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Things I love 

Being by the sea, Cornwall, good coffee, where I live (the Malvern Hills), National Trust gift shops, finding great dresses in charity shops, eating outside, WOMAD festival.

Things I don't love 

Clutter, the word 'latter', marmite (yuk!), being hungry.

Favourite Quote: 

"Limitation is a creation of the mind"

About Me: Quote
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