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Hi, I'm Suzy,

I am a qualified primary school teacher, certified copywriter and mum of two gorgeous, and very cheeky boys. I do playgroups, awkward mum-dates and am yet to watch an episode of Bluey that doesn’t make me blub.

When I am not navigating the never-ending confusion of parenting, I am busy tapping away on my laptop writing for lovely businesses like yours.

I use my parenting, sales and primary school teaching experience to really understand what your prospective customers need, and how you can solve their problems.

I can help you produce a fresh take on how you communicate things to your target audience - so that tired, burnt out parents and teachers can instantly see the benefits of your products.

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After chatting with you, and when we are both clear about the direction we are taking,  I will get started and you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

I do all the geeky bits (my favourite part) - the research and the playing with words, and you can keep doing what you do best - running your business.

I'll keep you informed along the way, and you are free to make any tweaks that you want. After all, the job isn't done until you are happy.

So whatever you may need help with, whether it is a well-researched and inspiring blog for your website, bright, attention-grabbing copy for marketing materials or anything else, please get in touch below. 

Chats are always free and I'd love to hear what you do!

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A well-written blog will drive more traffic to your website. Using SEO techniques and with careful research I will create an interesting read, giving your brand authority and inspiring trust in your readers. This is also a great way to connect with your customers, and show that you understand them and their concerns and interests.


Get your business out there and tell the world what it is you do. Whether its through direct mail, brochures, leaflets, product descriptions or press releases, customers need to know how your products will benefit their lives. 


Sometimes it is helpful to have someone outside of your business to write your web copy. Why? Because they can view it objectively, without the emotional attachment. We will talk about the branding of the business, the look and the overall message that you want to get across. Then I do the rest!

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Striking the right tone in your writing can be difficult to do, but it is vital to really connect with your audience. This is where I can really help you - after all, as a teacher and mum of two I am probably in your target audience! 

Like you, I feel deeply passionate about the way children are treated in our society. We must be advocates for children - they deserve to be nurtured and respected. 

We have such an important role as their caregivers - it can be overwhelming - but businesses like yours make all the difference.

Giving children access to positive experiences - quality products like toys and clothing and opening their minds with educational resources is a brilliant start to a happy childhood.

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Kendra from Kenni's Korner

"As usual you knocked it out of the park!"


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