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If you work with children in any capacity, as a parent, teacher or a child-based business owner, then you will know what an important service you give to the world.

I want to help you to promote yourselves so well, that the whole world knows what you do, wants what you provide and knows where to get it.

After all, working with children is no different to writing copy - lots of fun but things can get very messy and complicated if you let them.

But in the same way that a good teacher or parent will calm the chaos and implement a clear structure, a good copywriter will do the same with the words that promote your business. 

After chatting with you, I can get right to the core of what you want to convey to your audience and then "snap! The job’s a game!" as a famous nanny once said. You can carry on with your good work and I can do what I love. 

Whatever you may need help with, whether it is a well-researched and inspiring blog for your website, bright, attention-grabbing copy for marketing materials or anything else, please get in touch below. 

Our chat is free and there is no obligation.

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I have several years' experience working in publishing, sales and teaching. Using these skills together I can create powerful copy that cuts through the waffle and stands out from the rest. 

I work as a supply teacher which means that I have the privilege to go into various schools. I meet hundreds of children each term, and I see how things are done differently in each setting, as well as the issues that pupils, parents and teaching staff face day-to-day. 

I also see what works well, I get to add brilliant ideas to my repertoire and learn new things about children
every day.

As a mother myself, I know the challenges that parents face. I chat to other parents at the school gates, in playgroups and online. This means that I have a deep understanding of your audience and their needs.



Below are a few of the other ways that I can help your business to thrive with carefully written words. If there is anything not listed, please ask.

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Web Design


A well-written blog will drive more traffic to your website. Using SEO techniques and with careful research I will create an interesting read, giving your brand authority and inspiring trust in your readers. This is also a great way to connect with your customers, and show that you understand them and their concerns and interests.


Get your business out there and tell the world what it is you do. Whether its through direct mail, brochures, leaflets, product descriptions or press releases, customers need to know how your products will benefit their lives. 


Sometimes it is helpful to have someone outside of your business to write your web copy. Why? Because they can view it objectively, without the emotional attachment. We will talk about the branding of the business, the look and the overall message that you want to get across. Then I do the rest!


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